We all love to keep our nails looking beautiful and in tip top condition!

Choose from a variety of different finishes and looks for that unique look you're after. Whether you're going to a private function, party, wedding or just want to look and feel your best - here at Luxx looks we can make that happens from the comfort of your own home.

With over 100 Gelish polishes to choose from combined with different nail glitter or stamping options we can make sure your nails look and feel unique. We also offer pedicure and manicure. 

Take a look at our range of options and prices below:


Luxx Looks is a fully qualified and insured beauty salon that benefits from having free and easy parking. Located just off Chepstow Road in Newport South Wales.


The salon is based in my home meaning you get the privacy and 1-2-1 dedication you expect when you book in for your nail treatments, ensuring you relax and feel comfortable and not rushed.


I am also available for mobile bookings for clients wishing a home visit, or at another venue. Additional charges may apply for mobile bookings.



Previous polish soak off  - £5

Aftercare kit - £5 (includes nail file, acetone, cotton wool, foil & cuticle oil)

Gel nails - prices from £18

Manicure nails - prices from £25

Pedicure nails - prices from £25

File & polish from - £10

Russian manicure - prices from £25

*All treatments come with a 24hr damage warranty. If outside of 24 hours there is a £5 minimum call out charge and £2 charge per nail. 


Swarovski crystals - £0.20 per crystal - Full nail application £2

Stamping - £0.50 per nail

Freehand - £0.50 per nail

Additional Glitters - £0.50 per nail

Ombre - £0.50 per nail

Additional Pigments - £0.50 per nail



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Luxx Looks is a Salon based just off Chepstow Road in Newport with free and easy parking. I'm also available for mobile appointments in the Newport area. There is a minimum of a £20 call out otherwise I apply a £5 charge to cover travel costs. I am available for larger party bookings outside of the Newport area but please contact me for prices


I always carry a fully stocked kit with all the latest and greatest brands but should you have any allergies or are unsure, please let me know when you get in contact.



Please contact for more details and arrangement of dates. Luxx looks is fully insured and fully trained. Please visit the About Us section for more information.

*Disclaimer - Please be aware that Gel polishes should last for 2 weeks from the day of application however dud to the day to day activities such as house work, going to the gym and picking at them will cause them to chip. I offer a 24 hour warranty on all Gel polish treatments where I will come out to fix any nails that have chipped or lifted off the nail bed. Should you require a fix for a nail that has chipped outside of the 24 hour window a call out charge of £5 is required as well as a £2 charge per nail. Nails can also lift off the bed and come away after a certain time due to cuticle growth. Will not remove NSS acrylic nails.